Hearing Aid Evaluation Appointment

The evaluation is a one hour appointment where the audiologists will explain your hearing loss and discuss your hearing needs and concerns. This information will determine the size and type of hearing aid(s) that will help you most. We offer a variety of hearing instruments that range in technology and size (the two aspects that determine the cost of the instruments).

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

During this one hour appointment, the audiologist will go over the use and care of your new instruments. You will receive a 45-day trial period to test the instruments in your own environments. During this time, some fine tuning adjustments may be needed and follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

Hearing Tests

Pure Tone Audiogram

Earphones will be placed on your ears and you will be asked to listen for a series of beeping tones. You will be asked to respond when you hear these sounds by raising your hand or pushing a button. The audiologist will determine the softest volume that you can hear for a variety of tones from very low to very high pitched, and the results will be recorded on a graph called an audiogram. The entire test is performed in a quiet environment so that your test results may be compared to what is normal for human beings.

Speech Reception and Word Recognition Test

Dr. Gina P. Louro conducting a hearing examYou will also be asked to repeat a series of one and two syllable words to determine how well you understand what you hear. Sometimes this test is repeated in the presence of background noise.


A soft probe tip is placed at the edge of your ear canal. You will feel a slight pressure change and may hear a low-pitched hum. This test measures the movement of the eardrum and the ability of the middle ear to conduct sound to the inner ear.

The entire evaluation takes about an hour and there is no pain or discomfort involved. It simply requires some concentration on your part. The test results are used to determine your diagnosis and which, if any, hearing instruments will be most effective in correcting your hearing loss. Each person has a different hearing loss and hearing needs. This is why your audiologist is best suited to assess your hearing loss, products needed and to make the appropriate adjustments through your fitting process and the years to follow.  Your test results are interpreted by an audiologist.